Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A new 11.45-3.30 era

Nursery school has started and Elo has astounded us all. She may have been the child who was crying, screaming and running for the door on day one, but fast forward to day four and she seems to be taking it all in her stride. Her fellow classmates and theirs mums all seem absolutely lovely, we've definitely made a great choice with her school. We were luck enough to have Daddy with us for the 'school run' on Monday he seemed quite emotional, I don't think he could believe we were in a school playground picking up our baby from nursery school. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Time has wings

.......and it's flying so fast.
Elodie starts at her 'nursery school' on Thursday next week. Marley is walking amazingly and really communicating with lots of words and sounds.
I really feel that it's all gotten a bit easier since Marley started walking, I think he was getting really frustrated before. Im looking forward to the stage when they start playing together, it's a coming. 
effie getting some 'rough love'
is it a nurse, is it a pirate.....?

Lots of change as of next week, we have a new nanny starting just for a couple of days, and as I mentioned Elo starts 'nursery school'. I'm hoping that all will be fine but anticipating a bumpy few weeks as we all settle into a new routine but looking forward to coming out the other side, with an extra person in the loop who knows our household and forms a lovely relationship with both Elo & Marley.

Wedding planning is heating up, just over three months to go.........

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

up to date

ok, sooo it's been a while but here we are with some recent snappy snaps and then we will just pick up from now...
marley is 10.5 months and crawling around with his 3 teeth (he has 4, but 2 are only half ones so that makes 3!) exploring his world and doting on his sister, lapping up the few words she extends his way or if he's super lucky a hug or kiss. elo is a super happy 3 year old, away with the fairies (correction - princesses) the majority of the time but super fun to be around and she's embracing being a really girly girl. we are making pre school decisions and i can't believe that we are even at this stage. i'm back at work, currently a day a week but soon building up to three days. eagerly awaiting some warm weather so we can take ourselves off for many picnics and days out exploring new places and re visiting firm favourites. life is lovely. we are very blessed.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

why does father christmas

come down the chimney? wear a red suit? not come in through the door? ride on a sleigh? these are the questions, especially the come down the chimney one i am being asked at least ten times a day. i wanted to get halloween and bonfire night celebrated and then i was happy to go with the christmas excitement so we did and now we are fully embracing the festive fun at every opportunity and have lots lined up for the coming few weeks. for starters we visited a local garden centre last week with friends, it was so much fun that we took daddy again on the weekend - we saw dancing penguins, reindeer, amazing decorations (some more tasteful than others!!) although talking of taste?! we couldn't resist this hat, this can come out year after year after year.

such a big hit, good ol' dancing penguins - wheeled out each year.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

happy 6 months beautiful boy

our beautiful marley has been with us for six months today. it kinda feels longer as i can't really remember life without him. he is such a lovely smiley boy and is entranced by elodie on a daily basis. i never want to wish either of them to grow up faster than it already seems they do but on the contrary i can't wait to see their relationship blossom.
my beautiful babies

Friday, 18 October 2013

huggy bear

sooooo i've been beating myself up recently thinking poor marley - at this point with elo we were going to at least a class a day, she was being stimulated to the absolute max, and here i am thinking he just gets taken to toddler groups and has one class a week that is purely for him, anyhoooo today i dropped elo at nursery and thought its all about him, read to him, played with him, encouraged him to roll over and do you know what all he wanted was to be picked up and held. so that's what we did he was in the sling and we walked effie (our pug) and we talked about what he could see, and i realised that that is what he loves just at this point in his life to be held close, i should enjoy this time.

although we have a taster class of baby ukulele next friday which i could not be more excited about!
crazy elo this arvo, making faces with her stickers and decided to accessorise herself instead of the templates, that necklace hurt when pulled off pre bathtime.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

carrots away

marley got to eat today, a few teeny tiny spoonfuls of carrot purée, a true family affair, daddy held him, elo administered the first spoonful in perhaps not the most delicate fashion but we had to let her get involved and i continued with the feeding after she got bored. he slept for two and a half hours afterwards whoop!
excuse the awful washing in the background oooops!
we've just had such a lovely chilled, but 'doing' day. look at these two peas in a pod post lots of playing and jumping in bouncers.
early morning antics, big decisions - who gets to come downstairs for breakfast with her!