Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Time has wings

.......and it's flying so fast.
Elodie starts at her 'nursery school' on Thursday next week. Marley is walking amazingly and really communicating with lots of words and sounds.
I really feel that it's all gotten a bit easier since Marley started walking, I think he was getting really frustrated before. Im looking forward to the stage when they start playing together, it's a coming. 
effie getting some 'rough love'
is it a nurse, is it a pirate.....?

Lots of change as of next week, we have a new nanny starting just for a couple of days, and as I mentioned Elo starts 'nursery school'. I'm hoping that all will be fine but anticipating a bumpy few weeks as we all settle into a new routine but looking forward to coming out the other side, with an extra person in the loop who knows our household and forms a lovely relationship with both Elo & Marley.

Wedding planning is heating up, just over three months to go.........

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