Friday, 18 October 2013

huggy bear

sooooo i've been beating myself up recently thinking poor marley - at this point with elo we were going to at least a class a day, she was being stimulated to the absolute max, and here i am thinking he just gets taken to toddler groups and has one class a week that is purely for him, anyhoooo today i dropped elo at nursery and thought its all about him, read to him, played with him, encouraged him to roll over and do you know what all he wanted was to be picked up and held. so that's what we did he was in the sling and we walked effie (our pug) and we talked about what he could see, and i realised that that is what he loves just at this point in his life to be held close, i should enjoy this time.

although we have a taster class of baby ukulele next friday which i could not be more excited about!
crazy elo this arvo, making faces with her stickers and decided to accessorise herself instead of the templates, that necklace hurt when pulled off pre bathtime.

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