Tuesday, 12 November 2013

why does father christmas

come down the chimney? wear a red suit? not come in through the door? ride on a sleigh? these are the questions, especially the come down the chimney one i am being asked at least ten times a day. i wanted to get halloween and bonfire night celebrated and then i was happy to go with the christmas excitement so we did and now we are fully embracing the festive fun at every opportunity and have lots lined up for the coming few weeks. for starters we visited a local garden centre last week with friends, it was so much fun that we took daddy again on the weekend - we saw dancing penguins, reindeer, amazing decorations (some more tasteful than others!!) although talking of taste?! we couldn't resist this hat, this can come out year after year after year.

such a big hit, good ol' dancing penguins - wheeled out each year.

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