Tuesday, 25 March 2014

up to date

ok, sooo it's been a while but here we are with some recent snappy snaps and then we will just pick up from now...
marley is 10.5 months and crawling around with his 3 teeth (he has 4, but 2 are only half ones so that makes 3!) exploring his world and doting on his sister, lapping up the few words she extends his way or if he's super lucky a hug or kiss. elo is a super happy 3 year old, away with the fairies (correction - princesses) the majority of the time but super fun to be around and she's embracing being a really girly girl. we are making pre school decisions and i can't believe that we are even at this stage. i'm back at work, currently a day a week but soon building up to three days. eagerly awaiting some warm weather so we can take ourselves off for many picnics and days out exploring new places and re visiting firm favourites. life is lovely. we are very blessed.

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