Sunday, 22 September 2013

jam packed

woah! a super duper jam packed weekend - we achieved loads. i did a yoga class on saturday morning which was fab, the teacher was really great, with some handy little tips to really ensure you were getting into good positions, it has really helped give my back a much needed stretch out which has been feeling soooo overused due to always carrying little ones around. we went to a third birthday yesterday afternoon and caught up with lovely friends, elo had 'den' and my little pony envy! today we all (apart from marley, as he puked on his first thing) stayed in pj's til gone midday which was a rarity, once dressed we all headed out to the park, neil and i ran with the kids in the buggy, it was hard work going up the hills but do able, we would love to try and fit in a run each weekend. to end we just sat down and watch a full film together - munchies and all! first time that has happened in such a long time, now to bed, goodnight zzzzz

baby ballet, early doors on saturday morning. morgy in her left hand, twinkle bear in her right.
double load - we've put marley in the seat part of the buggy now as he wasn't loving the carrycot but to be honest he still didnt love this, he is just not a buggy boy he is all about being carried in the sling.

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