Monday, 30 September 2013

morgy mouse

this mouse
my goodness the amount of close shaves we have had, he has more lives than a cat for sure. he has been left on trains and found, dropped and left in the road for hours on end and rescued. this morning was just one of those mornings that follows a night with not a lot of sleep going on for any of us therefore no one was in the best mood. just as we were about to do the nursery run the sinking feeling came as i didn't remember morgy coming off the bus with elodie half an hour or so earlier after our visit to the animal park - the bus was flagged down and searched on his return journey, tears were shed (me, not her) in the car on the way back from dropping her off but alas he was found in the toy kitchen sink. i am debating archiving him and continuing forth with one of the five replacements we have lined up, but the thing is you cannot ever replace a toy that has bought the most comfort and literally been everywhere with my baby since she was just over one. he is her constant in every new place, or new situation, that's what i was so upset about. you can't force a favourite toy on a child it just happens so organically, you don't even really notice it happening until you realise that the child cannot be without said toy for naps or just those times when they need comfort that doesn't come from a parent. even though it has caused us some slight panics, i really hope marley has the same relationship with a special cuddly too.
phew and cheers to you morgster you lucky well loved little mouse.

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