Wednesday, 18 September 2013

flying solo

i'm usually super lucky to have the help of both nans most weeks but this week one is on her holibobs and the other cannot get a dog sitter so i am going solo but actually it's cool, there's such a sense of achievement after a good day. elo is no longer having a lunchtime nap so although the days seem long there is more opportunity to just go out and do rather than fitting it in around that sleep. today we played in the morning whilst marley napped, then made lunch together.

pre oven - veggie mince tortilla cases

post oven and ready to munch.

a farm visit happened post lunch and pre a play date with friends.
there is a shetland pony there called bob and as i was getting marley into his car seat i said 'let's go see bob, marley' then giggled to myself after realising the name drop.

marley was in the baby bjorn that is why there are no photos of him, bad mama i should have taken a selfie of us. he absolutely loved the pigs his arms and legs were waving and kicking around like crazy. bless him.

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