Saturday, 14 September 2013


today was dreamy, it was such a dreary morning, my ma took elo to baby ballet first thing and i got the opportunity to do the most mundane things but things i actually crave doing, like going through my wardrobe and having a good old chuck out. as i've been preggers or feeding since last summer it's all just been about practicality, but i'm so ready to get back riding the fashion boat and start taking pride in my appearance again!!!
this afternoon we went and checked out the emirates cable cars which were super cool. check out our baby boy marley looking so grown up at 4 months 5 days old & our gorgeous girl who has become obsessed with all things fairy/princess like, i bought her a decorate your own princess wand which she created this morning i think said wand will be accompanying us on many more trips in the near future.

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