Monday, 8 July 2013

home holiday

we are back in bournheath at my ma's aka jan nan's house, as the weather is and has been soooo lovely my mom and i are trying as best as we can to treat the week like a holiday and be as relaxed and spontaneous as possible.
sunday we caught up with family and spent most of the day at whitlenge gardens which was lovely, great place for kids, beautiful gardens a play area with animals, wooden structures and a sandpit and a cute little tea room with yum cream teas! 
today we went to a local toddler group where we managed to gate crash the end of term party and elo ended up with a lovely spread to choose from for elevenses. the afternoon was spent visiting my dear friend from school charlotte and her two girlies, elo had a great time trampolining and playing. cheltenham bound tomorrow.

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