Sunday, 10 February 2013

the weekend

it's been a busy one, saturday was as normal early morning baby ballet for miss elodie, we then headed to the tate modern for a wander. it's great for little ones with the weekend family activity - normally building dens in the turbine hall aka an opportunity to run free and burn off some energy! elo always pays a visit to the play area on the fourth floor too.
we are increasingly finding that come the weekends we are heading out around nap time (midday) which leads to an hour or so where we can grab a bite to eat or just a cuppa and have some time to chat, if nap times are taken at home we both end up running around the house trying to get through our to do lists before we are back on entertainment duty!
we had an evening out to celebrate a canadian friend's 10 year anniversary of being in the uk, great company and delicious food at shoreditch house, we were home by 11.30pm this third trimester is hitting me hard on the tiredness front let me tell you!

today (sunday) we swam at lunchtime but mostly stayed at home as it was a rainy grey london day, elo helped with the washing up after we whipped up a few fairy cakes.
more ebaying is on the agenda for this eve to try and clear the way for moving.......

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