Monday, 11 February 2013

double trouble

we recently signed up for a which account, my word life has changed! we were looking for oven, washing machine etc reviews as we need to make quite a few large purchases for the new house. i looked and they have reviwed double buggys, but it doesn't seem that there is an option that is head and shoulders above the rest. i am leaning towards the baby jogger city select or baby jogger city elite double but i really need to go and try them both out and take elodie with me to see how she looks in them as i'm wary of buying one and her outgrowing it very soon. everyone keeps asking me do i think i really need a double, i feel there are going to be many occasions when i will want/need to have both in a buggy and securely strapped in. i do like the idea of them being side by side too, but just concerned about becoming such a wide load. we will miss our stokke xplory it has served us well.
i will keep you posted, if anyone has any recommendations for a double that they have used for a newborn and 27 month old that lasted them for a decent amount of time that would be most appreciated.

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