Wednesday, 3 July 2013

marley kane

sooooo this is the beautiful addition to our family, marley kane, he arrived on 9th may at 9.59pm. he is a little dreamboat although not so little, he was 9lb 14oz on arrival and almost 8 weeks on is 13lb 1oz. it has been an eventful almost 8 weeks, sadly lots of trouble feeding but we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel which is why i am back here updating as i have found it hard to give much else any headspace up until this point. elodie has been amazing. she found it tough to begin with as i think it was a shock to have to share her parents but we now have daily chat of 'when marley gets bigger we can trampoline together' and 'when marley gets bigger we can share ice cream together' awwww so cute. i massively don't want to wish his true baby days away but i also can't wait to see them as playmates. i'm sure they will be thick as thieves. so once again i'm back on my mission to update this blog as much as possible and document my lovely children growing up and their adventures as a sister/brother duo!

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