Wednesday, 6 March 2013

home sweet home

yayyyy we are in the new house, its fantastic, we all love it so much. the bright and airy feel of the house is amazing and its flows so well. don't get me wrong our last house served us well but there were so many steps up and down that it did become tricky with a toddler who wants to come everywhere with you. this house is perfect for Elodie to have freedom but never to be far away and to move from room to room as and when she pleases, plus she is sleeping amazingly well which is a massive bonus.

will post more pics tomorrow, in the meantime here are some lovelies that we have purchased for our new home, we are in love with sleeping on and beneath linen. so many beautiful things here

bedside lights for the nan's room and posh version of soap on a rope for their shower, i get such pleasure and satisfaction from sourcing and adding the finishing touches.

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