Monday, 25 March 2013

a wonderful weekend

we have been a little out of routine recently, resulting in super late lunchtime naps and bedtimes for elo. we needed to get back on track as we were having no evening left once she was asleep and evenings are precious!! so this weekend the mission was to wear her out in the mornings and afternoons so she was ready to sleep.
baby ballet and a fun play session with our normal tuesday friends?! was a great start to saturday, we nearly however didn't make it to baby ballet as someone was a sleepy head.
an ambitious afternoon was planned, swimming, soft play and bowling but most of those plans scuppered due to arriving 10 mins before soft play ended and all bowling booked up until late evening but fun was had in the arcade section of the leisure centre. this was a very out of the ordinary outing for us but its so good to mix it up sometimes and to give elo as many new experiences as possible, even if our pockets were much lighter after numerous tries to win on the grab a sheep toy machine #addictive
we had a sprinkling of snow on sunday so took a lovely stroll in greenwich park and played hide and seek behind trees and jumped over and it between logs. we swam in the afternoon and elo was so brilliant, my mom normally takes her swimming every friday which is wonderful of her, therefore it can be few weeks that i don't get to see her progress but seeing her swimming with her floatbands on and being so happy and content in the water was fantastic, daddy was soooooooooo impressed too. we love you gorgeous girl and thanks for the amazing sleeping last night 8pm - 7.10am - mission accomplished.

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