Wednesday, 6 February 2013

2013, back on it folks

i am getting back on it, this time I am super determined to blog most days, most days is definitely do able. i have been inspired by some beautiful blogs - rockstar diaries and of course the wonderful bleubirdvintage
i want to write this blog to document the memories of my little girl growing up......soon to be accompanied by a little brother or sister!! eeek

the last few weeks have been busy, we had elodie's 2nd birthday on 23rd January, she turned two, two years old, how on earth did that happen?? my goodness what a wonderful 2 years though, she is such a little ray of sunshine and has enriched our lives beyond belief.

we had a birthday party for her as we didn't have one for her first birthday, just a very intimate gathering which was lovely but i really wanted her to have a proper 'hall' party this time. it was such fun, we had the fantastic Urska from latino bambino and the kiddiwinks loved it, especially elo. i am not sure if she knew on some level that it was her party but she really went for it.

age 1
age 2

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